Parks & Wildlife's Funny Meme Draws Attention To Camping In Bear Country

Parks & Wildlife's Funny Meme Draws Attention To Camping In Bear Country


Parks & Wildlife's Funny Meme Draws Attention To Camping In Bear Country


I gotta hand it to whoever is running the social media accounts for The Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW).

They’ve been killing it all year long.

They recently created a meme to bring awareness to securing campsites in bear country, and it was perfect.

These kind of informational PSAs aren’t the juiciest thing to capture the attention of internet users furiously scrolling their social media feeds, but CPW got me to stop dead in my tracks to read their post.

That has to count for something, right?

Check it out below.

The meme is perfect considering the release of the new Jurassic World movie just a couple of weeks ago.

Good on the CPW for spreading the word in an effective way. I highly recommend you give them a follow whether you live in Colorado or not. They’re a great source of useful information.

Here are some tips from CPW about camping in bear country:

“Most camp sites west of 1-25 are in bear country. When bears learn that people have food, they routinely visit camp sites, picnic areas and resorts in hopes of find­ing an easy meal.

If you want to avoid problems for yourself and the bears, make sure there’s nothing to attract bears to your camp.

  • Stash Your Trash. Use bear-proof containers when available. If they’re full, double bag trash and lock it in your trunk or RV. Never leave trash outside.
  • Store Attractants Safely. Store food, beverages and toiletries in air tight containers and lock in your trunk. Many bears have discovered that coolers, bags and boxes are full of food; never leave them in your tent or anywhere a bear could see, smell or reach.
  • Keep a Clean Camp. Bears are attracted to odors of all kinds and will investigate anything interesting in hopes of finding food.
  • Keep a Clean Tent. Don’t bring anything with an odor into your tent—that includes all foods, bever­ages, scented toiletries, gum, toothpaste, sunscreen, candles, and insect repellant. Don’t sleep in the clothes you cooked in; store them with your food.
  • Lock RVs and Vehicles. Close windows and lock your vehicle and RV when you leave your camp site and at night before you go to sleep.”

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