BREAKING: Indy Pass Adds 5 New Resorts!

BREAKING: Indy Pass Adds 5 New Resorts!


BREAKING: Indy Pass Adds 5 New Resorts!


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^Credit: Kelly Canyon Resort

The Indy Pass is charging through spring 2022 with a lot of momentum. The pass is consistently adding new partners, and the best deal in skiing just keeps getting better!

Indy just announced that they’ve added 5 new resorts for the Winter ’22-’23 season. They are as follows:

Kelly Canyon Resort – Ririe, ID

Ski Bluewood – Dayton, WA

Ski Sawmill – Morris, PA

Rikert Nordic Center – Ripton, VT

Enchanted Forest XC – Red River, NM

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^Credit: Kelly Canyon Resort

The pass will feature two days of access to 83 downhill resorts and 9 cross country resorts in three countries starting at just $279 for adults.

Pretty fricken sweet, huh? Yeah, trust me. I know!

I love to see Indy adding places like Kelly Canyon, and Bluewood. These are down-to-earth community mountains that embrace what the Indy Pass is all about.

You won’t find ritzy lodges, overpriced food, or the glitz and glamor of the mega resorts. However, you will find a community of passionate skiers and snowboarders that love their mountain for what it is.

That’s what really matters after all, right?

Featured Image Credit: Ski Bluewood

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