Tourists Charged By Bear For Trying To Take Selfie (Insane Video)

Tourists Charged By Bear For Trying To Take Selfie (Insane Video)


Tourists Charged By Bear For Trying To Take Selfie (Insane Video)


The video below shows a backcountry skier in Slovakia who encountered a bear on the trail. The first clip shows him confronting the bear face-to-face.

He clicks his poles and screams to deter the bear.

The second clip shows a family running and screaming as the bear chases them. The skier can only shout and try to help by scaring the bear away. The skier claims that some tourists were actually throwing the bear food so that they could take a selfie. Insane.

The video was uploaded to Instagram by @albert_kristof. His caption translated from Slovak to English using Google Translate says:

“Many of you write to me and that is why I will write it publicly in this way as well. At the beginning I must say that we have beautiful mountains and nature that we go to as visitors, so it is necessary to respect it and know how to behave in it.

Many people know about this cat who more often skialp or go on a hike to Ďumbier or Chata M. R. Štefánia because he often hangs out there and we were not the only ones we met him ..

Most of you write that you would … fear. In my opinion, this is a mistake .. Every encounter with a bear is completely different, there are a lot of factors .. We were lucky that we came across a young curious macaque who was not aggressive. he ran after them .. When I left him, he also ran after me ..
I took him with respect but I didn’t let him know I wasn’t afraid I didn’t have a reason .. Maybe some people will say we played big guys but it’s not like that .. “maca so they can cross in peace, the skis are fast enough but children’s running certainly not ..

Later I learned that some tourists are throwing food at him to make a selfie … Please don’t do it !!! .. I still got to know why we didn’t bother to help those children .. so in a short time that it just couldn’t happen ..

What I was talking about was the only thing that occurred to me, even though I may have been shaking a bit, I was just trying to keep a cool head.”

Check out the crazy video for yourself…

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