A Lake Tahoe homeowner ended up quite shocked after discovering that five black bears had been hibernating underneath her house throughout the winter. Though the homeowner and other residents had heard a snoring like noise at points throughout the winter, there was never an investigation into the cause.

However, once residents began hearing what can only be described as unmistakable bear noises this week, the BEAR League was called in to assist with removal of what was initially thought of as only one bear. The League’s removal of the mother, however, revealed four 1-year-old cubs following after her.

It was quite the scene to then watch the four yearling cubs emerge from the opening and join together on the other side of the fence to venture forth into 2022.” The Bear League

The mother reportedly had three of the cubs last year, adopting the fourth after finding it abandoned. She had supposedly managed to find her way into an unsecured crawl space when hibernation time came, bringing along the four cubs.

Image Credit: The Bear League on Facebook