Congratulations to glaciologist Dr. Heïdi Sevestre who was awarded the first inaugural Shackleton Medal for the Protection of the Polar Regions.  The pioneering climate activist, expedition leader, scientific researcher, documentary maker and lobbyist received a prize of $13,000 as a contribution towards her ongoing work in the polar regions and the very first Shackleton Medal.

The winner was decided by an international jury of polar experts, chaired by Prof. Lewis Dartnell, who debated the shortlist and decided the winner at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

“Among an exceptionally strong list, Heïdi stood out for the judges for the extraordinary courage she has demonstrated working in the field and her drive and determination to communicate her message. Raised amongst the diminishing glaciers of the French Alps, she has chosen to live her life on the frontline of climate change, working and studying in Svalbard, the Arctic archipelago where global warming is happening six times faster than the rest of the world. In Longyearbyen, the town where she is based, the impact of the receding permafrost pushes coffins to the surface while residential areas are, for the first time in history, prone to avalanches.”

Cheers to Dr. Sevestre! Learn more about her work HERE.


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