Ski Resort Offering Free Lift Tickets If You Can Recite The Gettysburg Address

Ski Resort Offering Free Lift Tickets If You Can Recite The Gettysburg Address


Ski Resort Offering Free Lift Tickets If You Can Recite The Gettysburg Address


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Scroll past the next paragraph if you want to get to the actual content of the article. The following is a nonsensical rambling of my dumb ski brain imaging Abraham Lincoln being a skier. 

Okay, so you probably read the disclaimer above. I just couldn’t help but imagine what honest Abe would be like as a skier. I could go all day with this hypothetical bullshit, but I’ll be merciful and only give you a few.

  1. Abe Lincoln would NEVER duck a rope- Think about it. Do you think honest Abe, a man’s whose honesty was so notable that it turned into a nickname, would ever violate a regulation set by ski patrol? Even if he did, there’s no way he would be able to lie to a patrollers face. He’d be that friend that would botch the whole powder-seeking rope-ducking operation.
  2. The ‘Illinois Rail Splitter’, yes that was one of his numerous nicknames, would DEFINITELY be a tele skier. He’d probably free those heels, light up a pipe that’s spliffed with some wacky tobacky, and play a banjo down in the parking lot.
  3. Honest Abe would always wear a helmet, and I really hope that it would look like a top hat. I mean, it just fits the character he created for himself. It just makes sense.

Thank you for bearing with me through that ridiculousness. I’ll get to why you actually clicked this article.

Mountain Creek, located in Vernon Township, NJ is offering free lift tickets on Saturday, February 12th  to those who can recite The Gettysburg Address. The 12th is Lincoln’s Birthday, and the resort is encouraging skiers and riders to wear top hats in celebration.

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Credit: Mountain Creek

What a rad promo, am I right? I’m a dorky history major, and I would definitely relearn the entirety of the Gettysburg Address if it meant I could ski for free.

Mountain Creek better create a video of people reciting it. Some kind of mashup of people reading different parts of the speech would be hilarious.

Send me photos/videos if you’re planning on scoring some free tickets by reciting the Gettysburg Address on Saturday. (

Mountain Creek Resort Trail Map | OnTheSnow

Mountain Creek Trail Map

Check out the full details below, or head over to Mountain Creek’s website here.

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new mountain, conceived in snow, and dedicated to the proposition that all riders are created equal to shred this sweet snow and raise their stoke”- Abraham Lincoln, probably.

To celebrate Lincoln’s birthday on February 12th, come recite the entire Gettysburg Address to receive a FREE lift ticket. In the spirit of Honest Abe, no cheating! Top Hats are strongly encouraged as well.

To redeem, visit us inside of the Red Tail Lodge on level 1 across from Monkey Trails between the hours of 9AM-12PM.

Featured Image Credit: Glade Optics on Unsplash 

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