So This Is Why People Visit Banff...

So This Is Why People Visit Banff...


So This Is Why People Visit Banff...


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What’s so great about Banff in Alberta, Canada?

Oh you know, just some of the most jaw-dropping scenery in the entire world. No big deal.

My mind was blown when I visited Banff one summer years ago, but seeing the towering peaks blanketed in snow is absolutely incredible.

The video below was captured on December 15th, 2021. It shows stunning Cascade Mountain bathing in the warm rays of a winter sunrise.

Can somebody figure out a way to inject this video directly into my veins? I feel like that would be the best drug in existence….

Cascade Mountain is located in the Bow River Valley of Banff National Park. It’s part of the Vermillion Range of the Canadian Rockies. It stands 9,836′ tall, and has a prominence of 3,077′. It was first climbed in 1877.

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