Hello future Unofficial Networks interns (YEAH I’M TALKING TO YOU) today is your lucky day because you’re gonna read this and say “hey that’s exactly me” and get your start in the industry today. Are you a witty writer, do you enjoy making entertaining videos, good with memes…all applicable skills. You can live anywhere on earth and make your own hours…all you need is a laptop, wifi and a desire to work.

Possible areas of expertise: skiing, snowboarding, weather, ski resort operation, mountain biking, camping, avalanche safety, #vanlife, kayaking, fishing, partying, motorsports, gear reviews, hospitality, outdoorsmanship, travel, video production….any combo of the above or anything that might apply.


-Genuine love for outdoor sports & a positive attitude.

-Motivated, ambitious, self-starter, willing to work with a team of like-minded people to create the best outdoor content on the internet.

-Solid understanding of Unofficial’s tone (entertaining, informative, irreverent)


-Writing original articles (editorials, personal experiences, satire, reviews, etc)

-Reporting on industry news

-Creating videos, curating social media posts

-Expect to work approximately 5-10 hours a week.

If you are interested in the position or know anyone who would be a good fit please email mike@unofficialnetworks.com with “Internship Application” in the subject line for more info. Cheers!

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