Wisconsin's Largest Ski Resort Announces Opening Day

Wisconsin's Largest Ski Resort Announces Opening Day


Wisconsin's Largest Ski Resort Announces Opening Day


Trail Map - Granite Peak

Granite Peak’s Trail Map

Granite Peak is the Badger State’s largest ski are by a long shot. Verticals over 500′ are hard to come by in the Midwest, and Granite is proud to boast 700′ complimented by 55 trails, and multiple glade areas.

Granite just announced minutes ago that they will open for the season on Wednesday, November 24th at 10am. They will debut with 2 lifts and 6 trails.

I actually went up to Granite for their opening day last season, and while the conditions were less than ideal, I had a great time skiing in November in Wisconsin. Check out the vlog-style video I made here.

I’m excited for ski season to finally open up in the Midwest and I’m considering making the trip up to Granite next Wednesday. I’ll take whatever I can get in these parts. Skiing is skiing in my book!

Here’s the full message from Granite Peak GM Greg Fisher on opening day:

Opening Day is Set for Wednesday, November 24

It was incredible to finally get two consecutive nights of quality & productive snowmaking done. Both our night and day teams were involved and did a great job getting some piles down. Temps have been underwhelming, but the snow we received on Saturday night is undoubtedly an excellent assist for our snowmaking efforts.

Our teams are committed to making the most of the dips in temperature. Looking at the weather, we will be shut down until late tonight (early Thursday morning) when we’ll fire operations back up and go for as long as we can.

Snowmaking Sunrise

We know the definition of a forecast is to predict or estimate a future event or trend. Things can change quickly. Our promise to you is that we’ll be ready to go when snowmaking temperatures return.

This Week's Forecast for Rib Mountain

Based on snowmaking to date and the desire to give you the best snow surface, multiple routes, and terrain for all abilities, our season will kick off at 10am on November 24, 2021. We share this now to give you the chance to prepare for opening day and the future. This is what you’ll hear from us on the phone, via email, and on social media.

Snowmaking at Granite Peak Ski Area

If our standards were lower or our commitment to your enjoyment less sincere, we could probably open sooner. However, that would come at the expense of your experience and your gear. We want top-to-bottom, tree-edge-to-tree-edge, and multiple routes & lifts on day one. Is it worth sacrificing the time and effort to get one trail open for two early-season days? Not to us. Each property has its strategy, and ours is not to be first. It’s to be the best.

We intend to open with the following trails and lifts.


  • Comet 6-pack
  • Blizzard Carpet


  • Miracle
  • Birch
  • Exhibition
  • Upper Duskey
  • Lower Duskey
  • Hot Cocoa

Next on the list will be:

    • Sundance 
    • Mystery
    • Meadow
    • Aspen

Once those trails can be open we’ll pop open the Blitzen Triple. The Granite Peak Parks team is also committed to have some features ready to rock on day one.  The location and amount is TBD based on snow coverage.

Featured Image: Granite Peak, WI, Captured by Matt Lorelli, Unofficial Networks

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