Eileen Gu. Need I say more?

I guess I’ll say a little more so this blog isn’t just a video of Gu landing the first woman’s double cork on skis, but I really don’t think I need to say more.

Gu is absolutely killing the freestyle skiing scene. I’ve written about her recent accomplishments in a dozen or so blogs, and now she’s added a ‘World’s First’ to her already-impressive bag.

Gu is only 18-years-old and already has 2 World Championship Gold Medals, and 2 X Games Gold Medals to her name. Her double cork 14 was so god damn smooth. Check out the video below. Looks like she could lace this trick in her sleep.

What’s next? World domination of the ski world? Probably.

Featured Image Credit: Red Bull Content Pool, @eileen_gu_