Wisconsin Judge Blocks November Wolf Hunt

Wisconsin Judge Blocks November Wolf Hunt


Wisconsin Judge Blocks November Wolf Hunt


A judge in Wisconsin has blocked a wolf hunt that was scheduled for November. Multiple lawsuits had been filed to block the hunt after a February 2021 hunt went significantly over the quota set by the state. The state of Wisconsin had set a quota of 119 wolves but 218 were killed by hunters.

According to an article in the US News & World Report, the November hunt was shot down by a Dane County judge. The judge cited a disorganized and lackluster effort by the Department of Natural Resources to lay out permanent rules for wolf hunting. The state legislature legalized wolf hunting in 2012 but has not developed a permanent plan or schedule for hunting the animals. Every recent wolf hunt in Wisconsin had been categorized as an “emergency” hunt to circumvent the lack of firm rules. The judge ruled this illegal.

Gray wolves lost federal protection in 2020 when the Trump administration removed them from the Endangered Species Act. It is now up to individual states to come up with their own rules on wolf hunting. States like Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana have very loose, if any, restrictions. Other states are more strict or don’t allow wolf hunting at all.

Images From: Wolf Mountain Nature Center Facebook Page, Hunter Nation Facebook Page, Wolf Conservation Center Facebook Page

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