Silverton Ski Patrol "Tested" Their Chairlift Yesterday To Ski Powder

Silverton Ski Patrol "Tested" Their Chairlift Yesterday To Ski Powder


Silverton Ski Patrol "Tested" Their Chairlift Yesterday To Ski Powder


Those ski patrollers out at Silverton Mountain, CO are some cheeky bastards!

They fired up the backcountry/heli skiing resort’s lone chairlift for some early-season “testing” yesterday and enjoyed deep turns thanks to a recent storm that dumped on them over the last couple of days.

Silverton hasn’t reported any official numbers, but it looks like they picked up a solid 18-24″+ based on the photos they shared to Facebook.

I’m not sure how comfortable skiing on a 20ish” base is, but these pictures sure make it look like they had fun! Probably helps to know the terrain as well as they do to avoid the sharky rock areas on the mountain.

From Denver7: “Silverton Mountain is getting hammered by a low pressure storm dumping some deep, fresh powder. With the welcomed white stuff, ski patrol fired up the chairlift to do some “inspecting.” Silverton Mountain said snow is possible any time of the year with peaks as high as 13,500 feet, but said a snow storm like this in October “feels extra special.” Ski season is around the corner. Who’s ready?”

Also, can all of the people commenting things like: “This is so dangerous” just admit that they’re jealous they aren’t skiing powder? It’s crazy how the internet has turned us all into “experts” on everything.

These guys are having a blast out there. Can’t we just appreciate that for what it is? Also, I should probably note that I was totally joking by calling the ski patrollers at Silverton “cheeky bastards”. That was just my way of expressing my extreme jealousy on the matter. 😉

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