Raymond Jones was last seen embarking on a bowhunting mission on September 7, 1968 in Lemhi County, Idaho. The man was separated from his hunting partner after indicating he was going to hike further up a hill in search of mountain goats. The sun set and Jones’ hunting partner returned to camp. A search was initiated, and after multiple days, Jones was not located. He was never seen again.

53 years later the remains of Raymond Jones have been located. According KLS a bow hunter stumbled upon the remains while attempting to find a connection between two hunting zones. The search for a shortcut led him to the body. The discovery was made in the afternoon of September 17, given the time of day, the Sherrif’s Office waited until the following morning to recover the remains.

Raymond Jones’ family, including his 91-year old wife, was notified. Details are relatively sparse, but it is interesting to hear the remains intact after so many years. You never know what you will find out in the woods.


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