“Do not allow PEG to destroy what we have left. We do not have the water nor the infrastructure to allow this obscene r**ing of our resort,”– The Breslin’s, a couple from Park City

Big ski resort projects around Park City seem to be all the rage these days. First came a new ski resort, Woodward Park City, which opened in 2019. Currently, a new ski resort next to Deer Valley is about to be built, and Deer Valley is looking to redevelop its base area. One project that has gone under the radar is a development that could occur next to the First Time Lift at Park City Mountain Resort. PEG Companies out of Provo, Utah will build the project. According to PEG Companies, the new complex would include “for-sale condominiums, affordable housing, employee housing, day-skier parking garages, a hotel, retail and restaurant offerings (to complement current commercial activity), a ski club, public ski lockers for day and seasonal use, skier services, state-of-the-art wayfinding, the ability for the National Ability Center to build its new facility, current green building opportunities, and open space plazas.”

According to the Park Record, the Park City Planning Commission has been receiving public correspondence lately in regards to the project. A decision by the Planning Commission is expected soon, but whatever the decision is, it will likely be appealed by the opposing parties. Many locals are not pleased with the plans though, as the one offensive quote from the Braelins suggests. Locals validly object that Park City is being overdeveloped with all these new projects, and they do not have enough water and road infrastructure to support these ginormous developments.

From someone who skied at Park City quite a bit, the parking lots that could become this new building makes getting on the slopes extremely easy. With the lot being next to the First Time lift, it provides easy access to the Payday and Crescent Express, along with the Three Kings lift, which is home to one of the best terrain parks in the country. While enclosed parking lots will be built with this project, nobody has confirmed whether the lots will remain free. Based on how ruthless luxury developers are nowadays, I doubt it. But compared to other luxury developments, there is good potential from this project. Affordable and employee housing is needed in the extremely competitive Park City market, so I’m curious to see how this will turn out.

Image Credits: The Park Record, KPCW

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