Imagine the surprise this guy got when he realized he had a 40 lb. beaver biting his lower back. YouTube channel Aquachigger was wading through the Potomac River when a rabid beaver snuck up on him and bit his lower back. He managed to fling the beaver off and get back to shore to start recording the interaction.

Crazy video. I feel like we don’t see many rabid animals these days, especially a beaver! I know they can’t really move that fast, but I would be downright terrified to find a rabid beaver sinking its teeth into my back in the water.

While wading in the river I was attacked by a very angry and rabid beaver. He grabbed me in a beaver hug from behind in a sneak attack and started biting my lower back. I did not see him coming. I managed to grab it and fling it off as I fell forward into the thigh-deep water. I turned over onto my back and immediately had to start kicking the beaver in the face as he was laser-focused at getting to my face with his huge teeth. I was able to get to my feet and flee toward the shore with the stinking beaver in hot pursuit. The beaver weighed about 25 pounds, and he was all muscle and very determined to spread his rabies to me.

This video starts as I reach dry ground. He tested positive for rabies and I must undergo getting booster shots for my previous rabies vaccination starting tomorrow.

There is some cussing in this video. I cut most of it out…lol.”

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