Mateo Verdier Shedding Pow On A Mountain Bike

Mateo Verdier Shedding Pow On A Mountain Bike


Mateo Verdier Shedding Pow On A Mountain Bike


In a world where Candide Thovex can slay mean lines without a trace of snow to be found, it was only a matter of time before mountain bikers debuted their propensity for face shots.

Châtel Bike Park is set to open June 11, 2021.

Episode 15 titled ‘Winter Laps’ of Sundays in Châtel takes us to the white room of mountain biking where rider Mateo Verdier showcases some extreme riding on a downhill biking course in the French Alps that hasn’t quite shed off its winter corduroy. No matter, when the name of the game is “just keep ’em pointed down” and you’ve got the mad man charging skills, she’ll go.

Disclaimer: as with Candide’s antics without snow, Verdier ain’t no noob… and any attempt to recreate the stunt by a mere mortal probably wont end well. That said, it does make for some entertaining footage. Any guesses on what the next extreme sport crossover will be? My bid is for accordion playing unicyclists to get in on that cold smoke action.



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