“There are many thoughts in my head. The main thing is, ‘what happens if I lose my finger? The doctors say they don’t know if they can keep it. Perhaps it will rot. Time will tell. If I don’t lose it, it will be good. Now I feel severe pain and I can’t even put on shoes.” –Michael Eklof
Multiple skiers suffered sever frostbite, two of which face amputation of fingers and toes, after completing the 60km La Diagonela marathon in St. Moritz, Switzerland in -18F temperatures. RT reports Frenchman Thomas Joly ended up with frostbite of four fingers and critical of the decision by event organizers not to postpone due to dangerous conditions:

“I stopped feeling my fingers right after the start, and after 50 kilometers I got a headache. I vomited and had to leave the race. It’s a shame because in the summer we sacrificed a lot to be here. The doctors say I won’t be able to ski anymore this season. I think the jury’s decision to hold the race was wrong. It put us in danger. Now it will take me a long time to fully regain sensitivity at my fingertips. I must not expose them to cold for the next three months.”

The head of the race series, David Nilsson, stands by his decision to run it and points to participants lack of proper equipment to their injuries:

“It is very sad for everyone who was injured but the rules are clear and I believe [we] did the right thing. It is important that skiers also adapt their clothing and equipment to the weather. It has not been this cold for a long time, so perhaps not everyone was fully prepared for this.”

The race was won by Swedish skier Oskar Kardin, who safely completed the marathon without any injuries.  Frostbite is no joke, know what to look for and listen to your body. MORE INFO HERE.

Here’s a quick frostbite safety video from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula:



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