In search of some good news on this Monday afternoon? Look no further.

Max Mostad raised $10,000 to save Frost Fire Park located in Walhalla, ND. The area was on the verge of closing down for good when Mostad and the community rallied behind his lemonade stand. He was able to raise enough money in just a couple of months to save the area.

Travel North Dakota on Twitter: "Just like their name implies, when the  weather gets cool, Frost Fire Park gets hot! This cozy getaway is nestled  in the beautiful Pembina Gorge in the
Courtesy: Travel North Dakota


The area will be open this season on weekends thanks to Mostad and the local community. Frost Fire Park offers the only downhill skiing stateside within hours of his community.

Give this kid a medal! Saving his local ski hill must have been quite the rewarding experience. Unfortunately small hills like Frost Fire are constantly fighting to stay open across the country. Thankfully Max did his part to save his area for at least one more season.

Frost Fire will surely give him a season pass for life, right?

Spread the good word of Max Mostad’s efforts to save Frost Fire Park with your friends on social media. Give this kid the credit he deserves!

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