Skis Made From Algae- "Vitality" by WNDR Alpine

Skis Made From Algae- "Vitality" by WNDR Alpine


Skis Made From Algae- "Vitality" by WNDR Alpine


We first discussed WNDR Alpine in 2019. The backcountry ski manufacturer wants to flip the industry on its head with sustainable resources. Now, WNDR is dropping some heat with their brand manifesto, Vitality.

Wow, that’s a spicy meatball of a ski video *chef’s kiss*. 

I’m intrigued by WNDR’s break from the mold of traditional materials used in skis. I’m also curious how these skis perform? They certainly appear to rip on film. Let me know if you’ve ridden a pair.

I also can’t help but acknowledge the similarity in WNDR’s logo to Canadian rapper Drake’s OVO brand.

Are owls having a “moment”…?

October's Very Own logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNGMy dumb skier brain is taking over here… I apologize if the below image is an undesired peer into my complicated imagination, but wouldn’t it be kinda cool to see Drake rip some powder?

Featured Image Courtesy: WNDR Alpine 

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