VIDEO: Jetpack Paramedic Mountain Response Demonstration

VIDEO: Jetpack Paramedic Mountain Response Demonstration


VIDEO: Jetpack Paramedic Mountain Response Demonstration


“Calling in helicopter support for each and every case isn’t possible or practical which leaves vehicle & foot approach. What if the Critical Care first responder could locate and stabilise the casualty within minutes of vehicle arrival. Well in this exercise we did it in 90 seconds vs the 25 minutes of arduous climb!”

2020 has been a bit of shit show but one bright spot has been the exploration of the practical application of Gravity Industries groundbreaking JetPack. Obviously a dude with a turbine engine strapped to his back isn’t going to replace the existing mountain rescue network, but in certain cases the rapid deployment and minimal landing space need to get a paramedic on scene could make them useful addition to S&R teams with the resources. How’d you like to get saved by Iron Man?

“A fantastic couple of days in the Lake District testing out how extreme Jet Suit mobility can support emergency paramedic response in the mountains. The Great North Air Ambulance reached out and constructed a typical rescue scenario.”


If you’re scrambling for a last minute Halloween costume and have a closet brimming with ski gear, hopefully you can cobble together an (…)

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