The man who goes by 8booth on youtube is back poaching hotel rooftops and cliffs accessed through private property in Southern California after a super nasty injury took him out of the game in 2017.

The LA Times reports on Dec. 28, 2017 8Booth suffered severe injuries to his feet after jumping off a ledge into the pool at the Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach (warning its nasty but he posted a video of incident). He couldn’t walk for months:

“It’s a challenge to get down stairs, let alone get to the toilet with an injury like mine, which consists of two (basically shattered) feet from a pool drop I did in Laguna and missed the pool.” 

Whelp, it appears he’s healed up and back to his old tricks. Not sure how this will go now that his identity has been revealed and he’s still posting to his original youtube account but this dude obviously lives dangerously. Here’s his latest jump:

This is the video that went full viral and made national news when he jumped off the eight-story Newport Towers apartment building into Newport Harbor, narrowly missing a dock: