University of Colorado Now Has It's Own Beer

University of Colorado Now Has It's Own Beer

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University of Colorado Now Has It's Own Beer


“The Stampede starts this week! The official beer of CU Athletics will be available in our Tap Room on Friday at our Stampede Kickoff Celebration!”

The University of Colorado now has an official beverage but if you’re an underclassman you should probably lay off. CU Athletics teamed up with Avery Brewing Company in Boulder to create it’s official beer. Stampede Beer is a gold lager designed to be “Light, crisp, and perfect for game days in every season.” Here’s a bit about the partnership from Avery’s Blog:

“The University of Colorado felt like a natural partner for Avery Brewing Company. Both long-standing institutions value innovation, quality, and their Boulder home. By teaming up, Avery and CU saw an opportunity to create a locally inspired craft beer that would promote and celebrate the trailblazing spirit of Boulder within and beyond the city. Close neighbors and longtime friends, Avery employs many CU graduates and students, including Travis Rupp, Avery’s Beer Archaeologist and full time Classics Professor at CU Boulder. Rupp fostered the introductions that began this collaborative project. With so many close connections to the university, the Avery team was excited to work on this new beer.”

If your alma mater brewed an official beer what would it be called?

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