“Muted Ltd. has been working hard to bring you quality clothing with made in the USA designs and details to fit your needs on street and snow. Our kits are specifically created for all the happenings in your life, whether you’re out workin’ a 9 to 5, slayin’ assignments at school tryna get educated, or slingin’ pizzas on the side to pay for a ski pass; we’re right there with ya.”
Really digging the gear that Muted Ltd. has been making to keep us skiers and snowboarders looking fresh while out on the hill.  They got their start by
listening to what terrain park crews wanted in their uniforms, so they created custom hoodies with the thumb holes, helmet compatibility, and stash pockets. Inspired by their success helping out park crews, they took their functional designs and started a full line of outerwear with a focus on purpose built, affordable and quality gear that encourages inclusiveness.
They constantly seek feedback from the community to inform their designs and produce the best possible products and thats something we respect. Really cool company, make sure to check them out HERE.

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