“Using hemp is a sustainable building material because it is carbon negative (it stocks more carbon in the fibre of the plant than is used to grow, harvest, and process it).”

I had no idea hemp was such a useful building material. Just ask this dude Anthony from Art du Chanvre who has built over 45 houses using hempcrete and has an Instagram that would appeal to Architectural Digest fans.

Hempcrete is a natural and sustainable insulation material that is made with a mix of hemp hurd (fibre), hydraulic lime (binder), and water. Hempcrete is not load-bearing, but it does provide insulation, thermal mass, and it regulates temperature and humidity. Hempcrete’s R-value is R-2.1 per inch.

Hempcrete is also hesitant to fire, mould, and vermin, and eliminates the need for a vapor barrier and drywall (gypsum). Instead, you protect the hempcrete with natural lime plasters on the inside and on the outside of the building. Amazing material and a step forward in sustainable construction:


images from Art du Chanvre IG

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