Skidmas: The Ski Bum Holiday Season

By, Barclay Idsal

On December 24th, ski bums stumble in to work to find a jam-packed ski shop (*or hotel lobby) filled with crying toddlers and whiny trophy wives.

As a population, the ski bum frowns, put its head down, and gets to work turning screws and hauling your mind bags out of airport vans. If they’re lucky, ski bums will get off work early enough to grab a shot and a beer before the bar closes at 8pm on Christmas Eve.

But just beyond the horizon, a low-ceiling cloud system is poised to dump its payload on the ski bum whose holiday season waits just out of reach.

For residents of mountain towns, “Skidmas” officially begins January 5th. On this choice day, ski bums will arrive at their place of work and realize the majority of tourists/worries are gone.

The promised time of January and February is blessed with uncompromised gondola rides for small groups of friends; allowing for Squirrel’s to find their nut as well as the last-gondi local, his ten minutes of solace.

The tramline sheds its maze and you walk right on. The traverse to your favorite stash is clear– allowing for catwalk jibs.

And finally, the long-awaited snow day is not a POW day. It’s a sleeper day and nobody knows but you and bro #1.

Skidmas ends with the infamous Presidents Day Weekend. From Presidents day on– ski bums remain without a holiday until the spring sequester (March 27th-April 8th), which returns with muddy boots, shift cuts, and beer filled hands.

Squirrel’s infamous gondola ride would have never been possible on a holiday weekend…

What January and February mean to ski bums is the equivalent of the holiday season to the rest of the world… Except that the ski bum holiday lasts nearly two months and doesn’t involve flying across the country to see extended family. So hold your head up ski bums and tech that ski. Change that kid’s pissy pants and fill in that sideways core shot. Just remember… Your freedom is close at hand.

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