Eagle, CO's New K9 Deputy Won't Sniff Out Pot

Eagle, CO's New K9 Deputy Won't Sniff Out Pot


Eagle, CO's New K9 Deputy Won't Sniff Out Pot


Echo Eagle County Police K9

A new addition to the Eagle, Colorado police force was unveiled to the public yesterday and damn if she is not adorable.

Echo is an 11-month-old Australian Shepherd assigned to the department to assist with narcotics discovery. She’s also part of a new wave of drug dogs whose training does not prioritize the finding of cannabis.

CBS Denver reporter Matt Kroschel says Echo is “part of a new wave of Colorado crime fighter trained for the realities of legal weed.” In locations across the country where marijuana has been legalized, drug dogs trained to detect the plant are being retired, says CBS Denver.  

Echo has been familiarized with the smell of marijuana, but won’t hit (alert) on it because it is legal in Colorado under most circumstances, so we can’t search based off a detection of pot by the dog anyway,” Echo’s new partner, Master Deputy Rebecca Anderson, explained to CBS Denver.

Echo’s modern sensibilities don’t stop with marijuana policy, either. She’s also started a Twitter account to document her life of crime fighting, which you can follow here.

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