Why The Isuzu Rodeo Is The Most Underrated Ski Bum Vehicle Of All Time

Why The Isuzu Rodeo Is The Most Underrated Ski Bum Vehicle Of All Time


Why The Isuzu Rodeo Is The Most Underrated Ski Bum Vehicle Of All Time


Would ya just look at THIS BEAST!

When scanning the parking lot of your favorite ski area, it becomes immediately apparent that a few vehicles dominate the landscape. Subaru Outbacks, Toyota Tacomas, and the one-off VW’s are all present. Yes, these brands can be spendy but one particular automobile never receives the recognition it very much deserves— The Isuzu Rodeo.

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Younger readers not recall the brand, Isuzu but they’d do well to look into one of the more affordable ski bum rides on the market.

The Isuzu Rodeo is the most underrated ski bum vehicle. Here is why.

Price – Ski bums aren’t going to buy a new vehicle. They will buy a used vehicle, preferably one enables them to spend more on Keystone Light and Pabst and less on transportation. A quick search of Car Gurus reveals that there are 42 Rodeos for sale in the United States under $3000. Good luck getting a Toyota or Subaru for that price. Think about all of the breakfast burritos and plastic-bottled whiskey you can buy with that savings.

Excitement – You don’t devote your life to skiing to be boring. Ski bums crave adrenalin and thrills. There is nothing exciting about a super reliable Toyota 4Runner or Subaru. The Isuzu Rodeo provides true excitement. The vehicle may or may not fire up on a cold morning. It may get a little tippy on the exit ramp or on the freeway above 55 miles per hour. That’s the sense of adventure that you really want.

Exotic – Who wants to be cliche? Do you really want to be yet another skier with a Subaru or Toyota? Do you want to blend in with the crowd? Or, do you want to be an individual? You could be that guy with the Isuzu Rodeo. A rogue, free spirit, navigating the snowy roads of your ski town in an exotic vehicle. Trying to woo that special someone? Pick them up for a date in the Isuzu Rodeo with heat that may or may not work. They will be forever yours. Don’t be a cliche, be an individual.

It Will Never Be Stolen – According to the Insurance Information Institute, the Isuzu Rodeo has not been among the ten most stolen vehicles in the past few years. While this information isn’t readily available, it is safe to assume that the Rodeo is probably among the least stolen vehicles in North America. You can rest assured that if you park in a sketchy neighborhood or near some unsavory characters, that your Rodeo will be there when you return. Skiers don’t want to worry about being a victim of grand theft auto. Ski bum life is not about worrying, it’s about living it up.

Can’t beat that price for a 4WD vehicle

We urge you not to forget about the Isuzu Rodeo. This forgotten classic may be the ultimate ski bum vehicle. Are you now inspired to drain your bank account and throw down $800 to get an Isuzu? Unofficial would recommend acting fast as the used market for Rodeos may be heating up.

Find one here: Isuzu Rodeo [AutoTrader]

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