Denver Craft Beer Brewed With Climbing Chalk

Denver Craft Beer Brewed With Climbing Chalk


Denver Craft Beer Brewed With Climbing Chalk


Denverites tend to share some overlapping passions. Filling out a dating profile, say, that reads “must like skiing, climbing, and beer” would probably only eliminate six or seven potential suitors from contention.

So when two brewers from Wynkoop Brewery recruited the folks from Friction Labs and convinced them to kick in some of their Unicorn Dust climbing chalk as their new beer’s secret ingredient, well it wasn’t as weird as it could have been.

The result, Limey Unicorn, is described as a light golden ale with a session-level ABV.

In an interview with Climbing Magazine, Jay Lima and Charles McManus, the brains behind the brew, described their thinking:

Jay and I climb, and we joked that if we ever run out of climbing chalk we can use what we have at the brewery. Calcium carbonate is the same chemical we add to beers when trying to produce a certain flavor.

According to an online article from Beer & Brewing Magazine, sodium bicarbonate is commonly used in brewing to soften water or offset the acidity of darker malts.

So what do you think, Unofficial readers? Could you see yourself sipping this chalky brew?

You can read Friction Labs’ complete coverage of the colab here.

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