The Unofficial Preseason Checklist | 5 Ways To Avoid 'Blowing It' On Opening Day

The Unofficial Preseason Checklist | 5 Ways To Avoid 'Blowing It' On Opening Day


The Unofficial Preseason Checklist | 5 Ways To Avoid 'Blowing It' On Opening Day


Early season conditions @A-Basin | Photo: Barclay Idsal

When it comes to preparation, no sport requires more than skiing/snowboarding. Helmets, goggles, gloves, boards, bindings, mid-layers, base-layers, waxing, sharpening, DIN settings… where does it end?

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So in order to help turn opening days from junk-shows into shred-fests, we’ve compiled a list of 5 commonly neglected, pre-season duties. From throwing on a fresh layer of wax to doing a few hundred jumping jacks, here’s our Unofficial Preseason Checklist.

5) Sharpen + Wax

Although early season means riding on the most mangled planks in the closet, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give those shitty ole boards a quick sharpen & wax. A new layer of wax and a decent edge will allow skiers/riders to dial in their turns on early season conditions that usually resemble an ice skating rink.

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4) Turn up those DIN’s

Crank those DIN’s back up! | Photo: Chianti

At the end of each season, all skiers should crank down their DIN’s to allow the springs inside the binding to decompress. Doing so causes the bindings to last longer. The danger is forgetting that you cranked the DIN down to 2 at the end of the season. Make sure to get yours back within suitable range before loading that first chair.

3) Heels/Toes

For ski boots, the majority of wear and tear happens on the hells/toes of the boot. This can cause an irregular and imperfect connection between boot/binding, which in turn can cause dangerous pre-releases. Make sure yours are up-to-par and replace those heel and toe pieces that are damaged.

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2) Get your season pass weeks in advance of opening day

Pick a card, any card | Photo: PROdennis crowley

Don’t be the guy who shows up on opening day looking to get their season pass printed. Avoid the crowd by getting it weeks in advance and give those poor souls in the ticket office a break on one of their busiest days of the year.

1) Run a mile, do 200 jumping jacks

The offseason is a tough time both physically and mentally on winter sports enthusiasts. After an autumn full of football, half priced wings, and more 30 racks of PBR than you’d like to recall– run and mile and do 200 jumping jacks. That should let your body know how ill-prepared you are for ski season.

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