When spring thaws the remaining snow of winter all sorts of objects appear on our ski slopes. Entrepreneurial skiers and snowboarders across the country trade winter boots for hiking gear as they clean our mountains and reap the karma of finding lost treasure. Amongst the empty beer cans, old lift tickets and cigarette butts also remains valuable belongings.

An experienced lift line hiker won’t give up too many secrets; but in the spirit of cleaning our mountains here are some basic tips.  

-Always collect any garbage you find. Ullr will not reward you for stepping over trash and often goods can be hidden under debris. I once found cash money wrapped in a hand warmer.


-Be conscious where you decide to hike. Beginner areas are often littered with trash and many novice skiers or riders won’t attempt to retrieve dropped belongings. Mellow lift lines make for easier hiking and potentially good scores.


– Return items when possible to the owner. No one can claim a $20 bill found underneath the local lift but making an effort to return that iPhone you found may work out better in the long run. Earning a reward is a lot better outcome than trying to pass off someone else’s goods.


– If it looks dangerous, tell the ski area. Unexploded avalanche devices are routinely found at ski areas; don’t press your luck on the unknown. A quick internet search will teach you finding dangerous objects at ski areas is oddly common.


– Collaborate with your buddies. By grouping up you can cover more ground and have the resources to carry out heavier finds. Even if your buddy ends up with better scores than you, it will help to have someone to lift out the garbage with you.


– Respect the ski area you hike. Make sure you are clear to hike in the area you desire, often ski area management has good reason for closing or limiting usage of an area. The mountain management will be stoked on you taking the time to positively enhance the environment.

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Happy Hunting!