Patagonia's 10 Year Journey Creating Wetsuits From Natural Sources

Patagonia's 10 Year Journey Creating Wetsuits From Natural Sources


Patagonia's 10 Year Journey Creating Wetsuits From Natural Sources

Got to respect a company to goes on a 10 year journey with over 200 prototypes to create a wetsuit that lets you enjoy the outdoors while not contributing to its degradation.

Patagonia’s new Yulex Wetsuits are the product of a decade of R&D and they are proud not only to have developed a new type of wetsuit material but to grown their own rubber in an sustainable fashion. Well done Patagonia. Top of the list when I need a new suit:

“Our neoprene-free Yulex® wetsuits feature 85% natural rubber by polymer content, replacing a petroleum-based material with a plant-based one for significantly reduced CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process. We blend it with 15% synthetic rubber polymer for increased ozone and UV resistance to meet our rigorous demands for durability and strength. The Yulex emulsion removes over 99% of impurities and delivers a stronger, non-sensitizing natural material. 

We grow our own. (And we don’t cut down rainforests to do it.)” Certified to Forest Stewardship Council standards by the Rainforest Alliance, our Yulex® natural rubber sources are compliant with strict social and environmental guidelines for responsible forest management. Plant sources are irrigated by ambient rainfall and a recycled water supply is used in manufacturing.Using natural rubber in place of nonrenewable, energy-intensive neoprene means up to ~80% less climate-altering CO2 is emitted in the polymer manufacturing process.”

Highly suggest you check out Patagonia’s suits if you are in the market.  They aren’t insanely expensive and they come with an ironclad guarantee. EXPLORE HERE.


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