We all know cross country skiing is one of the most effective exercise modalities engaging the entire body and whipping the lungs while keeping us entertained.  The EXO Training Belt is designed to simulate the effects of the motion minus the skis and snow. You can explore the kickstarter project HERE and put in 2,500 Swedish Krona or $279 USD to get your own rig, given it gets fully funded.


“Imagine driving a car in second gear only. You would have to stress the engine so hard it takes damage, even though the speed would not get very high!

If you use close to 100 percent of your muscle mass instead, the workout will be more comfortable and easier on your muscles and joints – but first and foremost it will be significantly more efficient!

Nordic Skills has taken this to heart and developed a new and unique exercise tool, the EXO training belt, that improves the efficiency of any cardio workout. With the use of a motion pattern almost identical to the upper bodily movements of a cross-country skier, the remaining 60 percent of the muscle mass will be added. In doing so, the heart will be exercised in a superior way while you utilize the great potential for an improved upper body condition. Studies have shown that cross-country skiers have the best oxygen uptake of us all.

Since the whole muscle mass is activated, the total load on the body will be higher while the local loading in your legs and arms will be lower. This minimises the risk for painful lactic acid and makes it possible to continue the workout for a longer period of time, whilst the risk for overload damage will be drastically reduced.”

It might look a bit strange but so did the shake weight and the bodyblade, so don’t sell this thing short. If it works like advertised, you might start seeing people ski poling down in a neighborhood near you.


“What makes the EXO training belt unique is that the arm movement is decoupled from the leg movement, which enables a usage of the belt in combination with most of the already existing cardio exercises – both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, the resistance is adjustable in the backward direction – just like skiing!”

“The EXO training belt is patented in Sweden, USA, and China as well as being patent pending in Europe.” “When doing cardio, the majority of people only use 40 percent of the total muscle mass – the legs. Among the endurance athletes who workout at a high intensity, many times a week, this will often result in repetitive strain injuries. The reason for this is the continual loading on the legs, without a sufficient rest in between the workouts. When you drastically increase the intensity in order to improve the central condition in your heart and blood vessels, injuries will easily occur.”

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