NASTAR Ski Racer Killed At Deer Valley

NASTAR Ski Racer Killed At Deer Valley

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NASTAR Ski Racer Killed At Deer Valley


70 year old adaptive sports ski instructor at Purgatory Resort, Ken Portzs, was killed Friday when he crashed into a pole at the finish line while racing on the NASTAR course at Deer Valley Resort in Park City. FOX13 reports the accident happened around 12:30 pm when the skier fell and impacted the pole.

His son Kip Portz said his father died doing what he loved and that running race gates will be his final memory. He described his father as “A decorated racer and amazing man.”

Deer Valley communications manager Emily Summers couldn’t comment on the size of the pole or its purpose, aside from that it was part of the course.

The 70 year old was helicoptered to the University of Utah Hospital and later pronounced dead by medics. Mr. Portzs was part of a group that rented out the NASTAR course and was racing a friend when the accident happened.

Deer Valley Resort has one NASTAR course. Racing is open to the public and  held daily from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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