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When it comes to the day-in & day-out, no snow in the forecast kind of weeks, there’s no better way to air out than by indulging in some ski flick escapism. So while you wait for the next storm to arrive or you can’t make it to the powder day at your home hill due to work– keep the stoke alive by watching one of the following classics.

*The following movies were released between 2007-2017

10) Reasons (Poor Boyz)

The end of the 2000’s saw an explosion backcountry freestyle with twin tip powder skis hot off the press. Skiers like Pep Fujas, Chris Benchetler, and JP Auclair were ruling eye balls across the world and never before had skiing seen such style. Luckily Poor Boyz was there to capture the magic.

Buy here: Reasons

9) Higher (TGR)

The final chapter of the Jeremey Jones trilogy saw one of the biggest high altitude lines ever put down by the godfather of big mountain snowboarding. Dubbed ‘Shangri La,’ the line permanently changed the perception of what is possible within expedition snowboarding.

Buy/Rent here: Higher

8) Deeper (TGR)

Before Deeper, most people would have never thought about bootpacking up Alaskan spine walls. Nowadays, most people still don’t consider such a death-defying feat but what Deeper did for snowboarding was bring the sport into a more exploratory space. That feeling of exploration would continue throughout the trilogy, giving the winter sports community some of its best snowboarding footage to date.

Buy/Rent here: Deeper

7) Claim (MSP)

What would ultimately include Shane McConkey’s final segment for Matchstick, Claim was a triumph of fun ski porn that encapsulated much of what was great about this period of ski film making. The film’s opening includes some of CR Johnson’s final footage and is a runner up for all-time powder segments for MSP. If you’re looking for ski porn for ski porn sake– this is the flick.

Buy/Rent here: Claim [The Greatest Ski Movie Ever Made]

6) Swift. Silent. Deep. (Jon Klaczkiewicz)

The story that brought the Jackson Hole Airforce global is now a classic amongst ski bums far and wide. The JHAF motto– “Swift. Silent. Deep” created an ethos for backcountry skiing that persists today and if you ever find yourself in tramline– the mystique remains as well.

Buy/Rent here: Swift. Silent. Deep

5) All.I.Can (Sherpas)

What else is there to say than the JP Auclair street segment? Other than being a revolutionary collection of ski cinematography, the film was also a guide on how to create a movie with a message that wasn’t cluttered by the bro brah talk that pervades most ski movies these days.

Buy/Rent here: All.I.Can

4) The Art Of Flight (BrainFarm)

The year Art of Flight debuted, many skiers forsook their regularly scheduled ski movie premiers for this absolute masterpiece of snowboarding prowess from Mr. Travis Rice. The film blew minds and BrainFarm’s production team was quickly launched into the stratosphere shortly after the film’s debut.

Buy/Rent here: The Art of Flight

3) G.N.A.R. (Unofficial Networks)

An abundance of man ass, the word ‘shit,’ and most of all– some righteous skiing shenanigans make G.N.A.R. an absolute classic for anyone who doesn’t take sliding down a snowy hill on two sticks too seriously. Ever since its release, pro’s have been inundated by ‘callouts’ and trams have never smelt the same.


2) McConkey (Red Bull + MSP)

What else is there to say that hasn’t already been said about Shane McConkey. Innovator, comedian, and most of all– a skier’s skier, Shane was without a doubt the most revolutionary skier of the 21st century. Produced by Red Bull Media House in conjunction with MSP, this film chronicles the rise and fall of one of skiing’s biggest legends.

Buy/Rent here: McConkey

1) Few Words (Quiksilver)

Candide Thovex. The quiet Frenchman from La Clusaz and his primary sponsor, Quiksilver dropped A Few Words to massive fanfare. The whole thing was different. For one, the story rooted itself as a biopic but provided A+ shredding that to this day can’t be topped. There’s just something about Candide… “He just goes bigger than everyone else.”

Buy/Rent here: Few Words

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