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Here’s Another; Now This is How You Spring Ski!

One grassy afternoon 3 hours of park skiing whit Mattias Larsson and Elias henderson in the Swiss Alps. One grassy afternoon from mattias larsson on Vimeo.

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Another Crazy Meteor Caught on Russian Dashcam

Another Crazy Meteor Caught on Russian Dashcam We all remember the massive meteor that impacted Russia last year. Well, last night another large meteor was caught on a dashcam streaking … Read More

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Classic Post: License to Thrill | Schmidt, Plake, Hattrup

Do you wanna get a private tour of the Chimney from Scot Schmidt?  How about some Squaw Valley Palisades footage with a few shots from Mainline Pocket of Plake, Schmidt, … Read More


Winter Could Return To Many Areas This Week

Photo: April 17, Stevens Pass Mountain Resort Chris Danforth WINTER COULD RETURN TO MANY AREAS THIS WEEK? Synopsis: This is the time of year when mother nature sneaks up on you just … Read More


1 in 100 Everest Sherpas Die Getting Western Climbers To The Summit. Is it worth it?

In the past we have shared a report from the Utah Avalanche Center (What is the Risk of Riding in Avalanche Terrain?) that stated that Himalayan Climbing is 10 times … Read More

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Video Of The Deadly Avalanche On Everest

Post by Ramesh Lama.

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Spire: Producer and Skier Sandra Lahnsteiner

SHADES OF WINTER 2013 athlete part Sandra Lahnsteiner With her all female freeski movie SHADES OF WINTER 2013 Austrian freeskier Sandra Lahnsteiner once again doubles up as athlete and producer. … Read More

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How To: Properly Plan A Backcountry Tour

“A well laid plan is the best prevention when it comes to traveling in avalanche terrain. This video explores reading an avalanche forecast, using maps to plan a ski tour, … Read More


An Interview With Warren Miller

(Interview starts at 3:00) Warren Miller sits down on Seattle’s Bob Rivers Show to talk about his life, snowboarding and 60 years of ski films. 

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Paraglider Gets Blown Off Mountain, Smashes Into A Cliff, Pounds Into The Ground At Speed and Walks Away

(The action starts right at the beginning of the clip) The audio says it all. You can literally hear this guy fighting for his life.  

There's no place like home.

State of the Backcountry 2014: XIV | Sponsored by Alpenglow Sports

And then it snowed. After 20+ days of high pressure, bluebird conditions in the Chugach, something was bound to give. At the end of our previous week the writing was … Read More

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Now This is How You Spring Ski!

Now This is How You Spring Ski!

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Watch: Over 500 Skiers and Snowboaders Race Down St Anton

Video from last years White Thrill The White Thrill: Legendary ski race in St. Anton am Arlberg 1,300 metres in altitude difference, 150 metre climb and a record time of … Read More


Last Weekend To Ski @ A New Hampshire Ski Resorts

Photo of Cannon Mountain This weekend will be your last chance to ski at a New Hampshire ski resort this season. The three remaining areas that are open- Loon Mountain, Cannon Mountain, … Read More


The 7 Best Ski Destinations on Earth

These are not really ski trips; they’re pilgrimages. Being present in any of these places at some point in your life, and arcing turns down a local mountain are experiences … Read More


12 Confirmed Dead in Everest Avalanche

At least 12 Nepalese guides are dead following an avalanche on Mount Everest. The Sherpa were fixing ropes early this morning for other climbers when the avalanche hit them just … Read More

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This Map = The Winners & Losers Of The 2013/2014 Ski Season

This map will shows you just about all you need to know about who won and who lost this season in the American west. 

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Squaw Valley 1999-2001 = Highly Entertaining!

Sean Wood brings us a look back at the glory days of Squaw Valley.

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Skiing A Dream Line In La Grave, France On The Völkl v-werks BMT

In search of fresh powder, great adventures and unforgettable moments the Völkl skiers Ian McIntosh, Christina Lustenberger, Austin Ross and Stian Hagen decided to move south from their base in … Read More

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Scratch & Shred Turntable Snowboard: Every Third Thursday

Scratch & Shred Turntable Snowboard: Every Third Thursday ETT Season 4, episode 8: Are you ready? I said, are you READY for this pioneering turntable snowboard?! In true hip hop … Read More

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The Spring Break You Wish You Had

Spring break 2014 featuring bennett drummond, Eric Bourke, Turner Drummond, and Jacques Fix.

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Meanwhile in Russia…..

Meanwhile in Russia…..

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Must Watch: Brandon Semenuk’s Rad Company Trailer

Brandon Semenuk’s RAD COMPANY pushes the limits of freeride mountain biking and showcases the skills and passion that make him one of the most versatile and explosive riders on the … Read More


4 Norwegian Skiers Killed By Avalanche

Reports are coming in that four men have been killed by an avalanche in the Sunndalsfjella mountains in central Norway. The four skiers were part of a group of six … Read More

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If You Call In The Army To Rescue You From A Mountain Top This Is How It Might Go Down

Army National Guard – Mountain Top Rescue Mission Training


Old-timers Say That Tuckerman Ravine Is Better Than It’s been In Decades.

Photo by Wes Chapman from 2011 As we roll deeper into spring more and more skiers and snowboarders will be making the annual pilgrimage to Tuckerman Ravine. If you have not … Read More