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First it was DPS Skis and now a new player is entering the marketplace. Introducing Juice Infinity— a eco-friendly alternative to traditional ski wax that performs better than its predecessors. At least that’s what they claim.

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Instead of the one-time treatment DPS boasts, Juice is simply a spray on lubrication that is supposed to last longer and perform better a regular, fluoro carbon wax job.

“Juice Infinity does not release any harmful chemicals into the environment because of the way that it bonds deep into the base material itself, meaning that it can’t be removed by friction with the snow. Therefore, zero chemicals are released into the environment when used.”

What they refer to as “Looknowax” technology, Juice Infinity is directly absorbed by base material and does not shed like regular wax. By doing so, it’s the most environmentally friendly options on the market.


  • SPRAY: Cover the entire area of your Ski/Snowboard
  • LEAVE: Leave for up to 30 minutes until dry
  • REPEAT: Re-spray and leave to dry
  • HIT THE SLOPES: Go enjoy that wax-free feeling! Juice Infinity has been engineered and designed to be applied to any new or used ski or snowboard at any point in its life cycle. This means you will be able to spend more time on the slopes of the world, and almost no time at all caring for your equipment. Juice Infinity brings you more time and fun on the slopes than ever before.

Find out more here: Juice Infinity [Kickstarter]

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