New Base Treatment Eliminates The Need To Ever Wax Your Skis Again

New Base Treatment Eliminates The Need To Ever Wax Your Skis Again


New Base Treatment Eliminates The Need To Ever Wax Your Skis Again


“Never wax your skis again.” That’s the claim DPS is making after developing a new base treatment that is advertised as follows.

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The Phantom system is a patent pending base treatment that comes in two parts– Part A and Part B. Part proprietary blend of non-toxic polymer, part penetrating power, the blend involves an interesting concept. Use a polymer that not only provides glide but penetrates deep into the entire base of the ski, providing for stronger bases on average while never needing to reapply wax.

“With a single and permanent application, you get ultimate convenience (no waxing required), elite-level performance, substantial cost savings (no regular waxings), increased base durability, while saying no to the harmful chemical waste found in traditional ski and snowboard waxes.”

The best part– no harmful perfluoro carbons and other toxic materials that are currently being used throughout the market. Instead, their process uses an inert fluorocarbon blend that is harmless to life.

The Unofficial Take:

While this sounds great and their proposition that most skiers will use this type of technology soon is very possible– this innovation will not compete with the speed and glide of a fresh wax applied correctly.

In the end of the their description, they concede that the skis perform perfectly at speed but don’t feel “slippery” at slow speeds. For one, slippery can be amazing when you’re skating across a flat that does anything but provide momentum. Also, some skiers like the feel of an edge on snow– not base– and wax combined with a properly tuned ski help towards that end.

While this technology is revolutionary and without a doubt more eco-friendly than the wax we’re currently using, it’s going to be a minute before most skiers utilize “Phantom.” And when they do, we think ski racers and people who like to smoke groomers will still stick to traditional wax anyway. For the rest of us, “more time for apres ski” indeed.

But hell– I’m just one skier. What do you think?

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