Olympic Officials Are Very Worried About North Korea's Nuclear Potential

Olympic Officials Are Very Worried About North Korea's Nuclear Potential


Olympic Officials Are Very Worried About North Korea's Nuclear Potential


For those Americans worried about a potential nuclear strike on the continental USA– just remind yourself that at least you’re not an olympic athlete or a South Korean national having to live less than 100 miles away from a hostile nation with nuclear capabilities.

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That nightmare is making some International Olympic Committee officials extremely anxious. To add gas to the fire, dictator Kim Jong Un’s weird AF threats and president Donny J’s fire and brimstone comments are making for  a very worried IOC.

Right now the Pyeongchang Olympics are falling in between what could be a potential nuclear conflict. 

Albeit unlikely, the spectre of a nuclear incident on the Korean peninsula could prove devastating for South Korea. Not only does it put South Korea in harm’s way if North Korea were to make a symbolic gesture of western destruction but even if the Olympics go off without a hitch– tourists and visitors will be scared away from an event that is supposed to promote the host country. What they could be left with is an Olympic deficit with longer range than North Korea’s missiles.

“We can look forward to excellent Olympic Winter Games from Korea to the world.” – Thomas Bach, IOC President

In a prepared statement the IOC said that while they’re monitoring the situation “very closely,” they’re confident they will be able to host a successful winter games in 2018. “The IOC is keeping itself informed about the developments. We continue working with the Organising Committee on the preparations of these Games which continue to be on track.”

Maybe I’m tone def but that quote seems quite different from a statement made back in July by IOC president, Thomas Bach when he said, “the IOC appreciates very much President Moon’s vision of how the Olympic Games can support dialogue and reconciliation on the Korean peninsula and beyond.”


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