While they say the proposed fee is a direct result of being overwhelmed with medical calls and putting a price on entrance will reduce the number of hikers in the area (and hence reduce those medical calls)…..I am curious if the recent Hanging Lake Instagram controversy may had something to do with the proposed policy change but saying so outright would open a can a worms that would delay action.

Last week we reported Brazilian active-wear clothing company Liquido Active faced serious backlash for posting an Instagram photo their models doing yoga on the iconic Hanging Lake log and swimming in its signature blue water despite multiple signs that say not to get in the water.

Our audience was quick to elaborate on the environmental ramification of swimming in the fragile environment of Hanging Lake. We thank G. Roxanne Bybee for this well worded response: 

We will stay on top of this story and let you know if policy changes. Until then please be respectful to signs posted when traveling in the backcountry. Rules and regulations may seem like overkill but they are meant to keep both people and the environment safe from one another. Be safe, be respectful, have fun.

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