Bird’s Eye Peak, one of many little-known Chugach peaks clustered near the far (north) end of Bird Ridge | Photo: Paxson Woelber | Cover Photo: Traveler100

Tragedy struck the Alaskan running community over the weekend after a teenage competitor was killed by a Black Bear during the Robert Spurr Memorial Hill Climb reports the Alaska Dispatch News.

The accident occurred during the victim’s descent of Bird Ridge,” a local’s favorite hiking route located between Alyeska and Anchorage. During the descent, the teenage runner noticed he was being pursued by a bear and even texted one family member that he was in immediate danger.

A search was launched shortly thereafter and S+R personnel found the teenager’s body in a heavily wooded and steep section of wilderness significantly off the trail. The bear was in close proximity to the body when a ranger with the Chugach State Park arrived on the scene and shot the animal directly in the face. Somehow, the slug only wounded the bear and the trailhead will be closed until authorities find the wounded bear. Once found, park officials plan on euthanizing the bear.

*Our deepest condolences go out to the victim’s friends and family

Find the entire Alaska Dispatch News article here: Black bear kills teen runner during trail race near Anchorage

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