A rainbow over Yellowstone Lake | Photo:Richard Wang | Cover Photo: Seglea

Tragic news is coming out of Yellowstone after a kayaking guide is reported to have died during an attempt to rescue a client who’d flipped on Yellowstone Lake.

The victim has since been identified as Salt Lake City native and 32 year-old, Timothy Hayden Ryan Conant reports The Bozeman Daily Chronicle. On the day of the accident, Conant and two other guides were touring the lake with 9 clients when one person flipped their boat. So far details of the incident are unclear but at some point Conant lost consciousness while trying to rescue his capsized client. The client was rescued by other guides and was later treated for hypothermia at one of the park’s medical facilities.

Rangers would ultimately extract the unconscious guide from the water before performing CPR. Those attempts were unsuccessful and a heli-vac was called in to support the effort. Timothy Conant was later pronounced dead before the helicopter had a chance to leave the ground. The last fatality recorded in Yellowstone Lake was in 1997.

*Our deepest condolences go out to the victim’s friends and family. 

Find the entire Bozeman Daily Chronicle article here: Kayak guide dies in Yellowstone Lake trying to rescue client

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