NY Ski Areas Commit To 100% Renewable Energy Sources By 2030

NY Ski Areas Commit To 100% Renewable Energy Sources By 2030


NY Ski Areas Commit To 100% Renewable Energy Sources By 2030


The summit of Gore Mountain | Photo:

The summit of Gore Mountain | Photo: Iant333 | Cover Photo: Whiteface

As skiers, it’s hard to reconcile the environments we love so much and the energy it requires to run lifts, power busses, and produce the skis upon which our industry runs.

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However when it comes to the environment and the ski industry, New York State is avoiding the zero-sum rhetoric espoused by fossil fuel companies. Instead, Governor Andrew Cuomo is joining forces with The Climate Reality Project to power 3 NY-owned ski areas via renewable sources by 2030. The plan includes Whiteface, Gore, and Belleayre ski areas.

“Recognizing the devastating impact the climate crisis will have on snow, the turn these ski areas are making towards solutions brings us all hope.” – Ken Berlin, The Climate Reality Project

All in all, the plan calls for approximately $28 million in funds and will be included in the governor’s FY 2018 Executive Budget. In a prepared statement, Governor Cuomo praised the forward thinking initiative saying, “This commitment to New York’s future, along with landmark new state investments in these facilities, will help ensure these resorts’ continued vitality for generations to come.” 

Ken Berlin, CEO of The Climate Reality Project, indicated the move is a practical victory for those looking to mitigate the effects of climate change on the ski industry.

Find the entire NY State press release here: Governor Cuomo Announces New York-Owned Ski Resorts to be Powered by 100 Percent Renewable Energy by 2030

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