SNEAK PEEK: X-Games Real Ski 2017 Trailer

SNEAK PEEK: X-Games Real Ski 2017 Trailer


SNEAK PEEK: X-Games Real Ski 2017 Trailer


Check this little promo video for the upcoming Real Ski competition put on by ESPN and the World of X Games. Rather than a single day competition, skiers compile footage over two months and edit it down to a video part we the public then get to vote on to decide the winner. This year’s skiers are: Magnus Graner, Khai Krepala, Henrik Harlaut, Tom Wallisch, Will Wesson and LJ Strenio.

Here’s a how they describe the comp on the X-Games website:

“Like past Real Series competitions, the video parts for each sport’s competition will premiere on Fans can watch and vote for their favorite, and the video with the most votes will be awarded Fan Favorite accolades. The video parts will also be judged by a panel of industry experts and the X Games gold, silver and bronze medalists will be revealed in a one-hour World of X Games show that will premiere on ABC 10 after the videos drop.”

Make sure to vote and set your DVR for the 25th:

“ESPN and the World of X Games present the all-urban freeski X Games video contest, Real Ski. Videos drop, and voting begins, on February 15. Tune in to ABC on February 25 for the full behind-the-scenes show.”


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