Moose Feared Dead After Getting Caught In Alaskan Avalanche

Moose Feared Dead After Getting Caught In Alaskan Avalanche


Moose Feared Dead After Getting Caught In Alaskan Avalanche


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Photo Credit: Mats Andersson | Cover Photo: Denali National Park and Preserve

A Moose is believed to be dead after triggering a avalanche near Hatcher Pass in Alaska.

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According to the post on CNFAIC, the moose was spooked by an uphill traveller and while trying to distance itself, started traversing the slope. Ultimately, the moose triggered a significant slide on a slope of just 33°. Recent red flags included recent avalanches, new snow in the last 24 hours, whumphing, and shooting cracks.



Observer Comments

I accidentally spooked a moose onto a Lee sloping aspect, in this case west/northwest facing slope, as I was touring uphill. Within seconds of the moose traversing off center of ridge, to the west, the entire slope gave way with an enormous force, propagating to the northwestern face. The moose disappeared and I believe is buried just 50 yards below the crown In a terrain trap of thick alders, which appears to be deadly in this case. I approached the debris pile where I believed the moose might be, but was unsuccessful in digging it out as I was only packing water and binoculars….traveling solo in late afternoon. Hopefully it didn’t get buried and managed to ride it out to the lower slopes where I couldn’t see. Tomorrow I will find out if I got some snow kill to deal with. If so stay tuned. Please be more than safe out there.

Find the entire post here: Hatcher Pass Moose Triggered Avalanche

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