California's Attorney General Wants To #KeepSquawTrue

California's Attorney General Wants To #KeepSquawTrue


California's Attorney General Wants To #KeepSquawTrue


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Cover Photo: Yun Huang Yong

#KeepSquawTrue. That hashtag, which sums up many locals’ opposition to KSL’s massive development plans, is being taken to heart by one very public politician,

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In a derisive letter, the California Attorney General’s Office just cut down KSL’s development plans and its seemingly inadequate Environmental Impact Report by telling Placer County officials to be careful moving forward.

“The California Attorney General has a longstanding interest in the protection of Lake Tahoe as a state and national treasure.”California Attorney General

The Attorney General’s Office expressed its concerns for the plan by saying, “We are particularly concerned with the project’s resulting increases in vehicular use and traffic within the basin.” Among other things, the letter specifies inadequate research and projections for future greenhouse gas emissions, roadway impacts, and mitigation techniques to reduce negative environmental impacts.

Find the entire letter here: Attorney General to Placer Country

Rob Gaffney and family want you to #KeepSquawTrue | Photo Credit: Keep Squaw True Facebook Page

Rob Gaffney and family want you to #KeepSquawTrue | Photo Credit: Keep Squaw True Facebook Page

The Squaw Valley Development Plan Includes…

  • 1,493 new bedrooms spread among a series of highrise condo hotels
  • 90,000 square foot indoor water park with water slides, indoor waterskiing, wave riders, fake rivers, bowling, and arcades
  • 35 timeshare mansions on undeveloped land in the mouth of Shirley Canyon.

A public hearing is set for tomorrow @KingsBeach from 9:45am -12:00pm and Sierra Watch is encouraging members of the community to express their opinions in a public forum.

Find out more details here: Stand up for Squaw at Placer Planning Commission!

Help in the fight: #KeepSquawTrue

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