Here’s a couple of easy rules to follow when you’re skiing or riding in the park: Don’t stop on a jump. Don’t smack other riders with your pole as they pass you. Don’t be entitled.

This ski instructor manages to break all three of those rules in this clip from Halfcabking. Whatever was going through his head is a total mystery to us. He shouldn’t have stopped on the jump and he definitely shouldn’t have whacked the snowboarder.

It seems likely that he was trying to stop others from hitting the jump so that the kids in his class could hit the jump without worry. But I’ve seen plenty of ski instructors do that in a much safer manner. Maybe stop ahead of the jump and try to direct traffic so nobody cuts off the kids. Maybe DON’T HIT PEOPLE.

This guy probably shouldn’t be a ski instructor. If that’s how he reacts to someone passing him on a jump, how does he react when a child acts out or doesn’t listen to what he has to say?

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