When you think of a trip to Yellowstone National Park, visions of majestic landscapes, geysers, and diverse wildlife likely come to mind. Yet, for some visitors, the ultimate thrill seems to be the elusive—and dangerous—encounter with a Grizzly bear.

One recent visitor’s complaint highlighted this bizarre desire, as they expressed disappointment over not witnessing a bear sighting that could have led to a life-threatening mauling.

Complaint filed at Yellowstone Lodge

Of course, tourists pay good money for the Yellowstone experience, and the National Parks Service works tirelessly to meet expectations while ensuring safety. Yet, the reality is that habituated bears, while often spotted near roadsides, remain wild animals capable of inflicting serious harm. The National Parks Service has clear guidelines to protect both visitors and bears:

“Habituated bears are still wild bears and capable of inflicting serious injury or death. For your safety, remain within your vehicle when viewing and photographing roadside habituated bears. Always pull completely off of the road into paved pull-outs when stopping to view bears. Make sure your vehicle is in park and that you engage your emergency brake. Never approach, crowd, or surround bears. Running in the presence of bears may trigger a chase and attack response. Proper viewing and photographing etiquette will help keep both you and roadside habituated bears safe.” – The National Parks Service Official Bear Warning for Yellowstone National Park

National Parks Service

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