Chile- For skiers and riders, it isn’t typical to enjoy shredding while also taking in the fall foliage. However, that is now the reality at numerous Chilean ski resorts.

The following Chilean ski resorts are currently open or opened temporarily his past weekend: Antuco, Antillanca, Nevados de Chillan, Corralco, Volcan Orsono, and SkiNoLimit. In addition, Mallin Alto, a backcountry ski resort, is also now open. Here’s some details about some of the mountains. Over in Argentina, Cerro Catedral has had a few weekend openings recently. Here are some details about a few of the mountains that opened this past weekend:

Corralco Resort de Montaña surprised everyone by opening on May 18th. It currently has eleven trails and five lifts open. Their ski school, rentals, and cafeteria are also open.

On May 18th, Nevados De Chillán opened for pre-season skiing and riding. This opening is thanks to the substantial early snowfall they’ve received. Currently, six trails and five lifts are open. The open trails include Novicio, Bosque Nevado, Zorrito, Cascada, Tres Marías Bosque, and Golf. The operating lifts include Tata, Novicio, Novato, Magic Carpet, and Refugio. Rentals, lessons, and cafeteria food are also available. They’ll be open until May 21st.

South America is off to a decent start to the season, and more snowfall is on the way. Powderchasers is projecting a deep week for South America, so this season looks promising for this portion of the Southern Hemisphere.

Update 5/20: We’ve updated the post to reflect the mountains in Chile that have opened so far this ski season. Thank you to Luke Stone from OpenSnow for sending us this information.

Image/Video Credits: Nevados De Chillán, Corralco Resort de Montaña, Antillanca Ski Chile 

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