Montana- Former NFL Quarterback and elite skier Drew Bledsoe has been making the rounds lately. He was featured prominently in the Apple TV series The Dynasty and Netflix’s The Roast of Tom Brady.

Bledsoe was the quarterback for the Patriots from 1993-2001, helping to grow the foundation for the NFL team. In 2001, a brutal hit sidelined him, leading to Tom Brady taking over as starting QB. While Tom’s transcendence to becoming the GOAT began that season, Drew also played a pivotal part, coming in clutch when Brady got hurt during the AFC Championship game. The Patriots won their first Super Bowl that season against the Rams.

If you didn’t know, Drew is a great skier who frequents Mt. Bachelor. He even skied during his pro football playing days, which made Patriots Owner Robert Kraft put contingencies in his contract about how much he would have to pay the Patriots back if Bledsoe were to get hurt while skiing.

Yesterday, Drew joined Kay Adams on her FanDuelTV show Up & Adams about when he ran into Tom Brady & his wife at the time, Gisele Bündchen, while skiing in Montana. After seeing Tom on the slopes, Drew attempted to spray Brady with snow. What follows is one of the best skiing stories of all time:

And there’s somebody that’s with him that’s obviously female, so I know that’s Giselle, but I’d never met her. And so I came in hot and I was gonna come in and spray Tom. Well, of course, I come in to spray him, I miss, and I just covered Gisele, and so Tom looks at me like he’s like, ‘It’s go time, you don’t mess with my wife.’ And as Tom looked at me, I was like ‘It’s Drew, it’s Drew, sorry Gisele, nice to meet you’ and she leans over and she gives me this great big hug.”

Ultimately, Gisele wasn’t angry about the spray. Later that day, she talked with Drew about their family’s immense respect for the Quarterback.

To hear the full story, check out the video from Kay Adams below.

Image/Video Credits: Drew Bledsoe, Tom Brady, Green Light with Chris Long, Wiseau Films, Kay Adams/FanDuelTV

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