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In breaking news, The Denver Post is reporting that a town on the eastern plain of Colorado is trucking in fresh water for its residents after Hugo local officials discovered THC in county’s water supply. The discovery came after “complaints” were made by locals in the area.

A concentration percentage is unavailable at this point.

So far nobody has exhibited symptoms from the THC-laced water but authorities are telling people not to drink, bathe, or let their animals near the contaminated tap water. In the meantime, bottled water is being shipped into the area.

A press conference is set for 7pm this evening and we will continue to update this story as information becomes available. When the Denver Post asked where the THC originated, Mayor Tom Lee answered, “We don’t know yet,” to which he added, “We’re working on it.”

Find the entire Denver Post article here: Colorado town finds THC in its water, warns residents not to drink or bathe in it

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